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U.S. Sportsmenís Alliance
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President and Chief Executive Officer


U.S. Sportsmenís Alliance and U.S. Sportsmenís Alliance Foundation, dedicated to protecting hunting, fishing and trapping in America by providing legislative, legal, educational and research support seeks to recruit an individual to serve as the President and CEO.

About the Organizations

Founded in 1978, the US Sportsmenís Alliance (USSA) provides direct lobbying, educational programs, research and grassroots coalition support to protect and advance the rights of hunters, trappers, anglers and scientific wildlife management professionals. The USSA is the only organization exclusively devoted to combating the attacks made on Americaís sportsman traditions by anti-hunting and animal rights extremists. This is accomplished through coalition building, ballot issue campaigning and legislative and government relations.

In 2013, USSA and USSA Foundation are celebrating their 35th year of service to the outdoor community. These organizations came into being as the result of meeting an unmet need to protect and advance hunting, fishing and trapping. In the state of Ohio, a ballot issue was introduced that would have banned trapping. A group of sportsmen who were businesses executives in the state sought help from existing organizations to defeat a bill being engineered by the animal rights lobby, but they could not identify a group that was willing to assist so they organized the campaign themselves and successfully defeated the bill in 1977 by a wide margin.

Soon after, they began to receive requests from other states with similar challenges. In 1978 the Wildlife Legislative Fund of America (WLFA) a 501(c) 4 advocacy organization and the Wildlife Conservation Fund of American (WCFA) a 501(c) 3 social service organization were formed to represent sportsmen at the state and federal level. Through the years the WLFA and WCFA became the sportsmen community leader in legislative and legal campaigns to protect sportsmen and women from animal rights advances. In 2002, the volunteer and professional leadership of both organizations realized that although the WLFA and WCFA were successful in protecting sportsmen and women, there was an urgent need to be more proactive as well. Based on recommendations within a study commissioned by both organizations and conducted by the Institute for Social Research at the University of Michigan, a strategic plan was created that would not only focus on ways to become more proactive, it would also

develop new and more creative ways to encourage sportsmen involvement from both a powerbase and funding prospective.

The study recommended that the mission should remain the same but the organizationís brand needed refinement. As a result, the Wildlife Legislative Fund of America became the U.S. Sportsmenís Alliance (USSA) and the Wildlife Conservation Fund of America became the U.S. Sportsmenís Alliance Foundation (USSAF).

For over a decade, the USSA and its affiliate the USSA Foundation have significantly increased their brand recognition which has resulted in more sportsmen involvement and funding to both protect and advance outdoor sports. USSA and USSA Foundation fulfill their mission by uniting sportsmen and women to:

  • Protect against legal and legislative attacks by the animal rights movement.

  • Win public support for outdoor sports legislation and activities.

  • Ensure the future of this heritage by involving families in the outdoor experience.

  • Promote the sportsmenís stewardship role in the scientific management of Americaís fish and wildlife.

In 2012 USSA and USSA Foundation achieved the following legislative and strategic goals: ē Actively engaged in 42 states and at the federal level.

  • Served the interests of over 7.1 million sportsmen.

  • Protected sportsmen legislatively in 26 states and at the federal level.

  • Advanced sportsmen rights in 34 states and at the federal level.

  • Families Afield Program produced 782,000 apprentice license sales to date.

  • Trailblazer Adventure Program attracted 226,000 participants in 127 events.

  • Sentry, the introductory and advocacy program attracted 175,000 participants.

USSA and the USSA Foundation have positioned themselves well to move to a new level of service. They are the only organizations who represent all facets of outdoor sports and can therefore represent and serve the entire sportsmen community. It is a role that is needed more than ever.

U.S. Sportsmenís Alliance is governed by a 14 member Board. The Board membership includes nine members who also serve as member of USSA Foundation Board. U.S. Sportsmenís Alliance Foundation is currently governed by a 12 member board, of which nine members are also members of the Alliance board. The annual budget for USSA is $1.7 million and the annual budget for USSA Foundation is $1.8 million, a combined total of $3.5 million.

USSA and USSA Foundation nineteen (19) person professional staff support both organizations in varying degrees depending on function. USSA maintains a strong field presence and employs 78 Local field Directors.

President and Chief Executive Officer

The new President and CEO (CEO) will report to both the USSA and USSA Foundation boards. The CEO will lead the staff to perform the duties required and will act as the chief spokesperson for both organizations. The new CEO will be required to be based in Columbus, Ohio at the national headquarters.

The CEO will be challenged to provide a vision and organizational leadership at an important period in both USSA and USSA Foundationís organizational development. The CEO will be a leader who inspires the organization to engage in a deeply worthwhile mission. The CEO will possess the skills to continue developing and leading the organizationís strategic direction and to enhance USSA and USSA Foundationís impact.

The CEO should be skilled in leading an organization which relies upon its communication and outreach strategies to advance critical policy, program and fundraising objectives. The CEO will be a person who has a keen desire to develop sustainable partnerships with other nonprofits, corporations, foundations, public policy leaders and individual donors. The CEO will bring an ability to create value for multiple stakeholders, reaching beyond ideological or partisan interests.

The CEO will be a forward looking person, seeking opportunities to create new ways to make the organizationís work even more impactful. In addition, the CEO will work to continue to enhance the governance and leadership capabilities of Board. In the role as CEO, this person will also serve to carry USSA and USSA Foundationís conservation message to critical national and state public policy leaders. In that regard, the CEO needs to bring a genuine excitement and commitment about USSA and USSA Foundationís mission. The CEO must be an intellectually agile and an engaging person. As such, the CEO should continue to position the organization as a leader in the field of hunting and conservation and as an organization trusted by multiple sectors and interests.

Because of the breadth of the USSA and USSA Foundation activities, the CEO must possess both a vision and an ability to analyze complex information that supports the organizationís goals. Because so much of what the CEO will do involves building and maintaining trust with volunteer leaders, board members, staff, major donors, public policy makers, and corporate leaders, the CEO must have the presence, judgment and personal capabilities to interact effectively with a diverse range of individuals.

The CEO will act to strengthen the fabric of USSA and USSA Foundation by convening, brokering and nurturing strategic relationships and partnerships. The CEO must be an energetic and entrepreneurial leader and possess sophisticated financial and management capabilities.

The broad objectives for the CEO are as follows:

  • To provide leadership in evolving and implementing USSA and USSA Foundationís organizational vision, mission and strategic priorities.

  • To support the development of a vibrant future by continuing to cultivate, expand and make the best use of USSA and USSA Foundationís Board and volunteer leaders, staff and members.

  • To continue to expand the financial base of USSA and USSA Foundation, pursuing philanthropic funding sources and other creative sources of revenue for the organization.

  • To attract, retain and manage a team of professional staff who possess the capacity to fulfill the organizationís mission.

  • To expand the reach, influence and public recognition of USSA and USSA Foundation as the nationís premier science-based conservation organization dedicated to protecting hunting, fishing and trapping in America.

Professional Qualifications and Personal Attributes:

The CEO should ideally possess the following professional qualifications and personal attributes:

  • A commitment to USSA and USSA Foundationís mission and a demonstrated passion for hunting, fishing, wildlife and habitat conservation.

  • Demonstrated leadership and business acumen, a proven record leading organizational growth and effectiveness, engaging and fully utilizing a Board, and comfort in dealing with the budgeting process and management of staff and financial resources.

  • Demonstrated ability to increase fundraising with individuals of high net worth, private and family foundations and corporations, and a willingness to try new ideas in fundraising.

  • Leadership stature and experience working with state, national and international public policy leaders, private sector, nonprofit advocates, and other key stakeholders.

  • Engagement with new strategic communication and policy campaign tactics and approaches.

  • Personal creativity and strategic vision, coupled with an ability to listen to others and learn from their best ideas Ė a sense of inquisitiveness and intellectual curiosity.

  • Articulate, high energy, intellectually inquisitive, and possessing impeccable integrity.

  • Strong work ethic and willingness to travel extensively, often for weekend and evening meetings.

  • Undergraduate degree required and an advanced degree appreciated.


Compensation for the President and Chief Executive Officer includes a competitive base salary, performance bonus and an excellent package of health and other employee benefits.

Interested candidates should email a cover letter explaining how their skills and background fit this position and a resume to: Daniel Sherman, President, Explore Company at resumes@explorecompany.com. Refer to USSA in the subject line. No phone inquiries please.

For more information on USSA and USSA Foundation visit their website at:


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